Monday, 22 November 2010

Page 17

Page 17 has been uploaded.  I've done quite a bit to the text this last couple of weeks and changed the font.

Each chapter is going to have a title page.  I originally thought these would be just black with white text and a boarder.  However I didn't like that so much so I ditched it in favor of putting some artwork in there.  As this project is purely experiment for me in a kind of anything goes way, I thought it might be nice to bring in other art styles I like to work in.  I have never really drawn in the style of this comic before.  It's a loose development of a technique I used on some artwork I did a few years ago for a company that made e-learning games. (You can see some of it on my other site PK and the Brain - Links below)

I am also working on the colour.  This is an area I am not so sure about.  I keep looking at the two outcomes and I truly cannot decide between them.  So this might happen and equally might not.

I am getting a bit worried as the last six pages of chapter 1 are nowhere near finished and I only have 3 complete pages left.  I'd better pull my socks up and get on with it.

This is the first title page drawing


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