Tuesday, 16 November 2010

New Pages

I've updated 2 pages this time as I missed last week.  This is because I've been busy reworking the colour scheme throughout.  It's put me behind a little as the last 6 pages of chapter 1 are still just line drawings and I had hoped they would be at least flatted out by now.  Still I think it has been worth it and hopefully next week I'll have what I hope will be the finished colour.

I see I have a follower.  Welcome Wendy I hope you are enjoying this little experiment.


  1. Haha, I found you through the making graphic novels forum. :) Never thought I would get a personal welcome though. :D Anyways, it has been fun reading the pages you got so far and I'm certainly curious to learn what will happen further in the story. Hmm, got to go read the new pages now!

  2. Have you posted anything in the Making Graphic Novels Forum?

  3. Yup, but only text, haha! I'm Rynn1 there. I got some posts in the forum challenge section and also started a few threads in the writers forum.


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