Friday, 13 August 2010

How many pages in the first chapter?

The first chapter has been totally roughed out for some weeks now. Although I have to draw out and ink the last four pages which have taken some time to get right. I thought I had them looking good and was excited by what I’d actually got down on paper but something didn’t seem to flow quite right. So I deliberately didn’t look at them for a week and when I went back I saw some really gaping errors. I hope I’ve fixed these and will get these pages drawn and inked by the end of next week.

This means the first chapter will have a grand total of 26 pages of sequential art, a front cover and an inside front cover. When I’ve flatted and shaded the last four pages I will begin colour from page 3 onward. I need a bit of a head start so I'll start adding finished pages in a month or so.  This hopefully will give me enough of a gap so not to create any interruptions in posts later.

In the mean time here is the next page in black and white. Again no text, sorry, I want it to be enjoyed in colour.

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